Once a student-teacher has expressed interest in employment after studying, the student will be effectively guided. It is determined to qualify for recruitment services, and the placement team is required to develop a course to be implemented as soon as possible. Using the results of the Student-Teacher Personal Assessment, the team works together to identify the student’s current level of Educational Performance, as well as the student’s specific academic outputs. If student-teacher needs to take advantage of any supplementary or specialized services available from the college, they are allowed to be benefitted.

The following attributes of the student-teacher are considered for placement opportunities:

When developing a course, the team should consider the student's strengths, the parent's concerns for the student's education, the results of the initial or most recent assessment of student-teacher performance, in academic, developmental, and functional levels. The team should make positive interventions to support and address student-teacher behavior.For most of the year, the college offers Communication Courses, Mental Health Workshops, Career Counseling Sessions, Mock Group Discussions, and Mock Interviews.

If any student is not confident in their own performance, the team stresses the child's language and communication needs, including the need to communicate with school children and peers, as well as the need for direct instruction in the child's language and mode of communication from Experts.In the case of a student teacher with limited English proficiency, the team will also consider the child's language needs as they relate to the child's employment eligibility.

A matrix has been developed that includes indicators of the student's current performance level, indicators about ways the student's capacity influences participation and progress in the performance, a statement of measurable goals that include benchmarks. The specific Educational Services to be provided which include program modifications or supports and a statement regarding how the student's progress will be measured and how the parents will be informed in the process. All these essentials are included in the Student Placement Mechanism of Mar Theophilus Training College.