College Union


The College Union, Mar Theophilus Training College (MTTC), renewed its functions in 1958. One of its first aims was to draft a Constitution for its operation in consultation with the faculty wing and the Board of Managing Council.

College union 2021-23

Mar Theophilus training college union election was held on 15 February 2022 as per the notification of kerala university. Dr.Joju John was nominated as the union advisor. Three representatives were selected from each class who were enlisted to vote for the union representatives.

Union representatives.

Class representatives

Magazine sub editors

M. Ed Representatives.

Research scholars.

Mission Statement

The council mainly aims to develop professional expertise for the student teachers through curriculum-related enrichment programs. It has to emphasize the social upliftment of the educationally backward sections of the society through extension programs. It will coordinate programs to empower student teachers, especially women, by developing integrated personalities, leadership qualities, and professionalism. The council will orient the student teachers to build self-confidence, a positive attitude, and a love for nature.

Aims of College Union

Activities of College Union

The following is a list of activities that the current College Union would perform:

Student Meetings

The College Union plans to meet every second Friday of the month at the same venue. Also, the next meeting time is communicated beforehand at the end of the previous meeting. The PRO will post a notice of meeting one day before the due date. One-third of the members must be present for the meeting to take place. If the chairperson and vice-chairperson are unavailable, the secretary will chair the meeting. Two-thirds of the council must be present for any decision on a vote to be valid. Decisions for votes will be made orally by each member. If the decision is tied, the chairperson will have the casting vote.

Election for Members of the College Union 

Elections for a new College Union will be held per the University Order every year. The outgoing College Union would assist the designated Staff Advisor in helping to elect a new council.

  1. All optional classes will elect two representatives.

  2. Students will nominate the representatives in their respective classes and write down their votes. The liaison teachers should ensure equal representation of every student in the College Union. 

  3. The elected Candidates from each optional will select their representatives for the designated positions in the College Union. The Staff Advisor will ensure openness in every undertaken procedure throughout the election process.

Officers of College Union

Clubs and Associations

We agree that Clubs and Associations selected under the college Union could undertake a specific task to complete or investigate on behalf of the whole group. The chairperson will decide on its terms of reference and the timeframe. All findings will be brought back to the College Union meeting and discussed before making any decisions.

Main Clubs Functioning in College

Extension Wing

Associations Functioning in College

Designated Staff Advisor

The principal will inform the College Union who the designated Staff Advisor is. Role of the Staff Advisor:

  1. Helping to set up a College Union and draft this constitution.

  2. Be a link between the College Union and management.

  3. Give guidance for successful implementation of tasks taken over by the College Union.

  4. Assist in the fair organization of elections for a new College Union and elections of officers.


If a treasurer is elected, they must record all income or expenditure in a special notebook. At the end of each academic year, they must report to the College Union. The College Union will decide when to raise the money and the purpose for its use. The general secretary will keep the College Union money on behalf of the Union.


If a College Union member misses two or more meetings without explanation, the chairperson will approach the person and ask them to attend the meetings. Otherwise, they have to resign their post. If a vacancy arises due to a resigning member from the Union, the designated teacher will have to arrange voting from the relevant class to elect a new class representative. If the candidate accepts, they will remain on College Union until the next election of the College Union.

Closing the College Union

The activities of the College Union are initiated with the Oath Taking ceremony and end with the coordination of College Day celebrations. The general secretary has to present the College Union report during the function and get it signed by the principal. All financial matters of the College Union will end with the release of the college magazine on the day of College Day celebrations. Even after the closing of the College Union officially, they are free to support the college activities related to the Extension Services, implemented by the college to the public.


Club Activities 2019-20

College Union Reports (2015-20)

The Kerala University First Statutes, 1977