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Student Insurance- UO 2017


Kerala University Results- B.Ed. (IV Sem)


Best Practices

Guardian Angel System- There is a program in the college named Guardian Angel System, through which, each teacher takes care of 5 students taking care of their Educational, Personal and Vocational needs and aspirations.
Maintaining state of the art facilities- The college takes care to maintain state of the art infrastructure.
Focus in value inculcation and Nation building- The college focuses on developing teachers with 360 degree personality development.


Procedures & Policies

The college has an efficient system for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc. laboratory facilities available for science students. every year chemicals and apparatus and other objects required for lab activities are purchased. students are given sufficient time for conducting experiments in the lab. computer lab is utilized by students when ever required. Hands-on practice is given during technology classes. language lab is utilized to develop command of English language. Psychology lab is also available were students conduct psychological experiments. Each optional subject has a method lab which offers facility for the students to conduct optional experiments. library is divided into three parts. all students can use the reading room and reference space according to their requirements. the library has a physical and digital catalogue system. each optional class is allotted a time slot for borrowing books. each optional class has an optional library where all the essential books are kept. students can also donate books to the optional library. the college has a stadium (common for all the institutions in the campus), a basket ball court and two shuttle badminton courts. facilities for table tennis and caroms are also available in the college.